TodoCast™ Attracts Customers with First Ever Portable Live Video Streaming over Satellite Webcasting System

SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO , Calif., June 5, 2008: TodoCast™, the innovator of the world's first affordable, portable, live satellite-to-web video streaming system, today announced two new TodoCast™ Partners. The turnkey live video streaming satellite system virtually revolutionizes videography and streaming media content. These new deployments for E-Planet Media and WebSat Inc, solidify the feedback and interest expressed in the early phases of the product launch.

TodoCast™ has generated tremendous interest among videographers, video production companies and Content Distribution Networks(CDN) looking to deploy live mobile video streaming services for breaking news, corporate, private, sponsored or pay-per-view events.

The product debut at recent industry events including Digital Hollywood, NRB, and NAB conferences, resulted in the transition from sincere interest within the videographer and broadcasting communities to ecstatic early adopters. The TodoCast™ Kit brings forth the first convenient satellite-to-live web streaming media solution that is not only easily transportable, but affordable. Featuring a .96 meter one touch auto-deploy satellite antenna, the kit comes complete with all electronics premounted in a Gator G-Shock Rack Case. Electronic components include a satellite modem, 24 port switch, TodoCast encoder appliance and even a phone kit.

E-Planet Media, who specializes in live music, corporate training, and event productions, selected TodoCast™ to help minimize the costs associated with IT resources and effectively deliver live events to the corporate clients and the music and entertainment industry.

"TodoCast™ is the solution we've been looking for. The affordability, mobility and comprehensive satellite-to-web live video streaming is not only a complete system, but eliminates the need for an internal IT department," stated Peter Palm, creative director in charge of video systems engineering and compression at E-Planet Media., based in Sonoma, California plans to utilize TodoCast™ to broadcast live events from the Sonoma and Napa wine country and to present vintage car auctions live on the Web.

"TodoCast™ truly provides a solution and an opportunity for a recurring revenue stream. The simplicity and broad applications of the system will allow us to not only widen our viewer audience, but increase profitability without incurring tremendous costs," stated Peter Whyte, President of WebSat, Inc.

"It is very exciting to see such positive feedback and we're looking forward to more customers joining the TodoCast™ network," stated TodoCast™ Director of Global Video Services, Micah Stephens. 'The complete mobility, quality broadcast and fast deployment, that enables customers to literally be live in just a few minutes is an invaluable resource for videographers and producers. We are proud to offer a turnkey solution in quality live video streaming that is both affordable and portable," Roland concluded.

As the first portable solution for pay-per-view and live video content, the TodoCas™t Kit, offers a turnkey satellite webcasting system. Mounted to most vehicles, TodoCast™ provides videographers the freedom of mobility with guaranteed quality broadcasting bandwidth. Professional videographers can access the TodoCast CDN Streaming Media Hosting, to upload and promote live events capable of generating revenue from any location. For more information on TodoCast™ or to inquire about the TodoCast™ Kit, please visit

About TodoCast

TodoCast is an interactive streaming platform and media services company for event producers, content owners and organizations looking to reach their fans with Live Internet Broadcasts. TodoCast offers a turnkey platform including satellite connectivity, audience management, interactive and social networking features and SD / HD distribution. TodoCast will monetize the content however the producer desires by offering sponsored, subscription and pay-per-view billing options, live or on demand. TodoCast distributes to TV’s, computers and smart phone platforms in HD picture quality. To learn more about TodoCast, visit


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