TodoCast Press Releases


"The TodoCast system allows us to produce events for our clients at a much lower cost without sacrificing the quality of production. Internet broadcasting is clearly the future for everyone and we see the TodoCast platform replacing the bulky, and expensive, classic SNG trucks to service this growing market. In addition, with the kit price starting at only $35,000.00, TodoCast allows us to expand our business geographically and support more clients with a smaller capital investment."

Josh Winstead
TeleNet Media

"I was very impressed with the TodoCast system and enjoyed the expertise and support of the TodoCast crew. While live video streaming is not a new venture, TodoCast is the first webcasting solution I've seen that takes remote connectivity and onsite technical challenges off the table. With TodoCast you truly can go anywhere, shoot anything and in mere moments be connected to a live Internet viewing audience."

Kurt Snider
Executive Producer
Solana Productions

"Everybody loves our sport, but television coverage was difficult because production costs were so expensive. We think that our new live TodoCast channel will finally bring our 16,000 members, corporate sponsors and 2,000,000 worldwide players what they have been wanting for years."

John Duesler
Director of Marketing

"The TodoCast system is the total package. It provides us with a content delivery and revenue generation system all from one technology provider. Only TodoCast provides the revolutionary low-cost mobile satellite technology and seamless pay-per-view and sponsorship engine with excellent back end support that we depend on. The turn-key system allows us to generate multiple revenue streams while efficiently producing our live on-location events."

Bernard Uechtritz
Executive Chairman
Horse TV

"We are very excited about the new tools and functionality the TodoCast system brings to our company and our clients. The low-cost mobile satellite broadcast technology, high-end video delivery, interactive chat functions, pay-per-view ability and sponsorship engine give our clients amazing flexibility and production choices as well as providing us with multiple revenue opportunities."

Esteban Escobar
5:00 Films

"We have been continually challenged with sub-par delivery systems, bandwidth limitations and substandard revenue generating applications for our productions. We love the TodoCast system because it provides us our own satellite broadband delivery system, high quality video, Blaze Streaming Media channel, pay-per view engine and the ability to sell sponsorships and advertising for our clients."

Joe Christiensen
Blaze Steaming Media

"We were thrilled at the prospect of the event's live webcast. TodoCast truly provides a solution and an opportunity for a recurring revenue stream. The simplicity and broad applications of the TodoCast system allow us to not only widen our viewer audience, but increase profitability without incurring tremendous costs."

Peter Whyte
WebSat, Inc.

"TodoCast is the complete, high quality, live internet broadcasting system that we have been searching for. They're the only company that can provide the lightweight satellite dish hardware, satellite time, online development tools, interactive chat function, pay-per-view engine, and sponsored skins on our own Show Jumping Unplugged channel all under one umbrella."

Paul Peterson
Show Jumping Unplugged